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Our Story

After 35 years of teaching, I needed something new... a new direction. During my career I coached 8 different sports, serving as the strength and conditioning coach for several of them. I also taught health, and was constantly building my knowledge of what works best for getting in shape and losing weight, and learned a lot about nutrition as well. I'm not a dietician, but I do have an extensive knowledge of what works and doesn't work in fitness and conditioning.. 
I also found that people are more likely to continue their workout program it its fun and done in an environment  that is fun and filled with camaraderie and encouragement. You will not find any mirrors at our gym (except in the bathroom!) but you will find a lot of people trying to stay healthy and fit. 
Mighty Mick's began in my driveway and is now located at 4323 Cosgray Rd in Hilliard.

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